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What is a Physical Master Plan Study?

The Physical Master Plan Study is a tool to guide future decision-making regarding campus development, in support of the Strategic Plan's academic vision and the Long Range Development Plan.

The Master Plan Study is a campus-level planning study with a very broad set of recommendations. It guides more detailed studies yet to be undertaken for specific areas and systems, such as a Landscape Master Plan, Campus Design Guidelines, and a Bicycle Master Plan Study.


The Study provides UCR with a framework for future development of the physical campus in a manner that meets several important criteria:

  1.  the campus attributes needed to support the academic vision reflected in “UCR 2020: Path to Pre-eminence” and “UCR 2020 and Beyond
  2. multi-faceted and multi-dimensional to take into account and balance the desired growth and development within limitations of resources and fiscal constraints
  3. flexible enough to evolve and adapt to the changes UCR will face in the next decade and beyond

Planning Values, Beliefs, and Principles

The Master Plan Study has been informed by a set of Values, Beliefs and Principles developed by the University's Campus and Study leadership, including the Chancellor, Steering Committee and Project Management Team. These high-level principles have profoundly informed the four "Essential Elements" that serve as key themes in the study.
Identity - Honor, reinforce and enhance UC Riverside's unique identity as a thriving place for academic excellence and civic engagement amid beautiful surroundings.
Community - Create connections across campus and to the community with diverse gathering spaces in the public realm to foster a vibrant, healthy, and interactive living and learning community.
Stewardship - Serve as a living laboratory for innovative solutions that accommodate growth while building a more environmentally conscious, healthy, and vibrant campus community.
Density - Embrace density to achieve synergies and capacity for critical campus growth. Create a new model for how a great public research university can refine and redefine the use of space to optimize the returns on the University's capital investments.

Strategic Initiatives

Future growth of the UC Riverside campus must support the University in creating and sustaining a vibrant, healthy community for living and learning. This new planning framework comprises a series of strategic initiatives to guide growth while embodying the intent of the Master Plan Study's four essential elements.
Strategic Initiatives
• Articulate campus gateways to strengthen campus identity.
• Address common interests of campus and community by creating a safe environment for pedestrians and bicycle riders at the campus perimeter with managed service and vehicular access.
• Shape buildings, open spaces, and interstitial environments to promote collaboration and interaction.
• Frame views towards the heart of campus and the Belltower, and outwards to the Box Springs Mountains through the careful configuration of future buildings in the Core Campus.
• Foster a sense of campus community by enhancing campus districts and linking them through pedestrian promenades.
• Infill strategically located “Opportunity Sites” on East Campus to increase density and accommodate future growth.
• Manage university land and research resources on West Campus as strategic assets to sustain UC Riverside's excellence long into the future.
• Continue to build on the current planning theme of “simple buildings in a dramatic landscape” to celebrate the campus's unique setting at the base of the Box Springs Mountains.

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