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Capital and Physical Planning (CPP) is pleased to announce the release of a GIS (Geographic Information System) for the UCR campus.  GIS is a robust software system which allows for complex mapping as well as geographic analysis.  A GIS focusing on UCR was created for CPP for use in planning, design, and construction initiatives with the intention of sharing collected data with other campus administrative units via a web-based interface.  
Access to the campus GIS requires a valid UCR NetID and password. 
The following criteria must be met before access is granted to the system:

Users are required to complete campus Accountability Training (available online)

  • Users must attend training with Capital and Physical Planning

(contact Karen Jordan to schedule training - or x22787)



A memorandum of understanding  (MOU)which defines roles and responsibilities of interested parties must be signed by the departmental head.


GIS Contacts:
Karen Jordan
Sharyl Murdock

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